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What is MaD?

We are a platform for the creative talents of the people of Greater Manchester.

Since 1996 we have produced over 40 original plays grappling with real and emotive issues concerning Mancunians. 200 people per week are involved in MaD activities.

Who are we?


Director/Production Manager – Jill Hughes

Project Manager – Rob Lees

Administrator – Carol Bradley

Where are we?

We run drama groups in Bury, Middleton, Moston, and many other places in and around Manchester. Why not send us a message if you would like to get involved with or even start up a group in your area?

Why are we MaD?

We are creating theatre for performers and an audience that do not usually go to the theatre.

“Love or hate the theatre, you will love what MaD does”
– Paul Cliff

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