Vaping, Manscaping & Paddling Pools

“Vaping, Manscaping & Paddling Pools”


Teenage tearaway , Skid Mark Martin is depressed. It’s the height of the Corona Crisis and he sits in his Paddling Pool in the garden of his council house thinking, “What’s the point of it all, what’s the Point”? His hair needs cutting, He can’t jib in the Cinema and he can no longer wag school as his Pupil Referral Unit is shut. The only things keeping him going are riding his quad bike on his one hour daily exercise in the park and copping off with his best mate’s Nanna.


“Vaping, Manscaping & Paddling Pools” is an irreverent comedy about how a community from North Manchester coped during Lockdown. From the company who produced “Food Bank Boulevard” and “The Wrong Way To Tickle Mary” this play promises to be a nostalgic chuckle at when everyone’s world went MaD.


The Met, Bury

20th July 2022

Tickets £14/£12

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