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Top Whack PIP

A new Musical Comedy by MaD Theatre Company.


Poor Calvin is depressed. He’s been kicked out of his Pupil Referral Unit for smoking weed during class, His girlfriend Latrine has left him and he’s afraid his beloved dog, Lola will be put down as she’s an American XL Bully whose breed has just been banned. However his luck changes when he discovers he’s been awarded Top Whack P.I.P. (Personal Independence Payment). He and his family  are over the moon but others on the estate are jealous. In particular the local nutter, ‘Stone Island’ Tony who decides to kidnap Lola and hold her to ransom.


From the producers of “Food Bank Boulevard” and “Vaping, Manscaping & Paddling Pools”, “Top Whack PIP” promises to be a hilarious musical romp which you won’t want to miss.


The Met, Bury

Sept 19th 730pm, Tickets £14/£12

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Salford Arts Theatre

Oct 4th, 730pm, tickets £14/£12

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