Pints of Swill & Pork Scratchings

Jimmy and Donna run the last pub on the estate, but Donna is having an affair with Billy. Billy brother’s Vinnie is a shoplifter who sells his swag in the pub, where Kulu’s a dodgy bookie. Old Norman’s gullible and is hen pecked by his glamorous wife Eileen, who strips for the old boys in the folks home every Tuesday.

From the makers of ‘Angels with Manky Faces’ and ‘Gin and Chronic Arthritis’, ‘Pints of Swill and Pork Scratchings’ is MaD Theatre Company’s latest production with newly recruited actors from Stockport which promises to bring tears and laughter in equal measure as we go on an affectionate journey and experience the demise of the local pub and dysfunctional family life in Stockport.


Peter Barkworth Theatre, Stockport College. Oct 10th, 11th & 12th 7 30pm




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