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Our Method

Over the years MaD Theatre Company has developed its own distinctive tragi-comedy style, drawn from Northern working class comedy rooted in working men’s clubs and Cabaret.

MaD draws it inspiration from early political theatre the likes of Brecht, Agit-prop and the best of Britain’s kitchen sink dramas.
British comedy traditions such as Carry on, Rab C. Nesbit and the strong northern matriarchal woman Nellie Pledge, Elsie Tanner and Lily Savage are all at the forefront of our method.

Inspiration is also easily drawn from every day Mancunian culture from the pork pie and pickle running buffet to the dysfunctional family fisticuffs at Nanna’s 30th Birthhday do! Our own unique stock characters are those you would easily identify shopping at the whoopsie stand in Asda or rummaging on the flea market on a Thursday afternoon!

Our characters are manifested on stage as affectionate pantomimic caricatures of your favourite Auntie, loveable lump of a father or the dopey juvenile delinquent.

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