Nanna’s OnlyFans Film

A New Black Comedy from MaD Theatre Company


Dolly and her best friend Nellie are making a few extra quid by making films on their OnlyFans page, which they run from the Old Folks Home in Radcliffe where they both live. However when Henry, one of the other residents drops down dead during the making of one of these films, trouble quickly follows.


From the producers of “Our Kelly’s Hen Do” and “Tony Monroe is Dead”, “Nanna’s OnlyFans Film” promises to be a hilarious look at the Baby Boomer generation and their refusal to grow old Gracefully.


Salford Arts Theatre , 19th Oct, 730pm, Tickets £14/£12

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The Met, Bury, Oct 31st 730pm, Tickets £14/£12

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Bolton Octagon, Nov 30th 730pm, Tickets £14/£12

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