Me, You & George Clooney

Poor old Nellie has not been out since she was mugged. She spends all day internet shopping and watching daytime tele. This is of great concern to her Care Worker Nigel whose visits are a Godsend to Nellie as they watch her favourite programme, ‘This Morning’ over a biscuit and a brew. She is delighted one day when Heart Throb and celebrity chef, Gino D’Acampo appears on the show wearing nothing but a skimpy piece of underwear knitted by Nellie. However this is nothing compared to the time when Nigel Arranged for Nellie to appear on a Phone-in with ‘This Morning’s’ life coaches ‘The Speakmans’ to help cure her phobia of lifts. If it works she can finally go to the doctors whose surgery is on the thirteenth floor but more importantly she may just save Nigel’s life.

“Me, You & George Clooney” is a heart warming comedy about gossip, friendship and family and Mr Clooney makes an appearance too…!






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