It’s The Wrong Way To Tickle Mary

Hector the Metrolink inspector welcomes you onto a magical journey back in time. We swagger through Manchester’s rich cultural history and arrive at the time of the Suffragettes and the first World War. Hector is a tram driver then as well and spends his evenings chatting up the barmaid in the local boozer where anything goes. In the back room the Clairvoyant is contacting the dead while upstairs the randy soldiers are trying to get the ladies into bed.

The young mill girls now make munitions in the factory run by Mr Percy Shuttlebottom esquire whose wife is a militant Suffragette.  Mrs Isabella Shufflebottom encourages the girls to pilfer the explosives to use in her campaigns much to the delight of her feisty daughters and to the ignorance of her hen-pecked hubby.

“It’s The Wrong Way To Tickle Mary” is an irreverent and heart-warming look at what life was probably like in Manchester a hundred years ago and if life has changed for the better, or at all.


Salford Arts Theatre

Feb 7th 2019 730 pm



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